Branding with Purpose - Email Course

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This two week curated course delves deeply into the identity of your organization and why it exists, tackling not just what the world sees, but your internal brand built on purpose and discernment.

Every day during the two weeks, we will deliver writings, exercises, and examples to your inbox to help you build a stronger brand, and provide guidance along your journey. Whether you're just getting started or ready to take the next step, Branding with Purpose will lead the way.

Branding with Purpose will detail the importance of a brand built on meaning, how to apply the why of your organization, and how to make the best strategic decisions. We will show examples of branding and rebranding for various organizations at different stages in their lifecycle.

Course Agenda

Over the two weeks, we will cover a variety of topics addressing everything from purpose to aesthetic.

Basics of Branding:

  • What brand is and why it matters

  • Internal vs. external brand

  • When it is time to rebrand

  • Building your branding team

    Internal Branding:

    • Defining and redefining purpose, vision, and mission

    • Crafting core values

    • Determining language that is off limits

    • Rallying people around your internal brand

    • Selecting key partners

      External Branding: 

      • Defining your audience

      • Figuring out your brand's character

      • Curating a mood board

      • Determining tone and voice

      • Learning basic design tips