Special Bundle: The Purpose Journal + The Purpose Craft Manifesto

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Get both for less — The Purpose Journal (normally $34.99 alone) and The Purpose Craft Manifesto (normally $14.99 alone). The journal and the book go great together on your bookshelf and in your life.

This bundle celebrates the launch of both The Purpose Journal and The Purpose Craft Manifesto. Get them both at once for less!

Read more about The Purpose Journal here

Read more about The Purpose Craft Manifesto here.

About The Purpose Journal

The Purpose Journal is here to help guide your focus each week to discerning and developing your personal purpose. The Purpose Journal was built to inspire and ignite action amongst Purpose Craft-ers across the globe.

This journal is meant to provide much-needed motivation in an often hectic world. With wisdom from everyone from philosophers to doctors, CEOs to religious leaders, The Purpose Journal gives you insight into what living a meaningful life really means.

There are 52 prompts that allow you to dig in and truly understand how your talents, skills and passions play a role in helping to push humanity forward. Respond to a prompt each week for a year, or take it at any pace that fits your lifestyle.

About The Purpose Craft Manifesto

What if you could use your time, skills, and passions to have a far greater impact than ever before on people’s lives — particularly for those who need it the most? What if you could build your own self-sustaining business around your purpose and your craft?

In The Purpose Craft Manfiesto, we present a new path forward for the work of the purposeful.

It breaks down the myths making Purpose Craft seem infeasible, shines a light on the new reality available to us today, explores the benefits of pursuing Purpose Craft work, shares example Purpose Craft-ers' work and business models, and gives you a guide to help you discern and drive after your own Purpose Craft.